Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Surrey BC

Custom cabinets are designed and fabricated to fit your specific needs. Not only are they perfectly matched in material and color to your kitchen’s design, but they can also be crafted around unusual architectural features or appliances like an oversized fridge or dishwasher.

Base Kitchen Cabinets
In this type of configuration, the cabinet sits on your kitchen floor with a countertop fastened on top.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Cabinets
Wall cabinets attach to your wall either flush against the ceiling or as floaters. Typically, wall cabinets are about 12” deep and about 30” high but most are also available in height increments of 6”–ie 36” and 42.”

Tall Kitchen Cabinets
Full-height cabinets extend from your floor to your ceiling and come in several depths, the two most popular being 12” and 24.” The standard height starts at 84” and increases in 6” increments so even taller kitchen ceilings can accommodate these spacious and stunning cabinets.